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And this is why I sojourn here

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I think perhaps one of my favourite paintings is The Lady of Shalott. Maybe its even the reason I have my hair this colour. A print of the painting hangs on the wall of the room I’m staying in. Its quite easy to imagine you are in the painting instead of merely looking at it.

This morning I walked about mile photographing anything and everything. Especially the rhododendron flowers. The blue ones are my favourite.


I haven’t felt like painting yet. I’ve been reading a very disappointing book. So far the ghost hasn’t appeared and the sea monsters appearance was not that amazing at all. If it doesn’t get better soon Ill swap it for A Beginners Guide to Paganism or Witchcraft for Dummies. Other choices.

Yesterday I bought some fantastic fabrics and a couple of very magic jackets. It was raining. Its dry today but the mist hasn’t cleared from the mountain I should be able to see from my window. I can hear the two resident magpies though, so its looking good.

Picked up some awesome green velvet this afternoon and a book of knitting patterns. I think I might really start knitting at gigs. I also saw quite a few nice sculptures, not amazingly impressive but still nice.

I was reliably informed that I was 10,919 miles from Sydney, always good to know when I’m going round the world in eighty days.





The mountain still hasn’t made an appearance but I’ve just photographed a cloud with a gold lining….which reminds me, I picked up a copy of National Geographic today, The Adventures of Marco Polo. It has some quality collage material.

I think I shall wander into the local art gallery tomorrow and perhaps some antique shopping. Oh! I saw a pig today. I thought it was real but it turned out to be an ornamental pig. I ended the day with the hugest shooting star, obviously I made a wish, a selfish one, but that’s my new way of life.



Spent a rather interesting day at a reservoir, Silent Valley. No birds sing there, legend has it that they left when blasting began for the dam.

“And this is why I sojourn here, Alone and palely loitering, Though the sedge is withered from the lake, And no birds sing.”



The dam reminds me of The Great Wall of China. I sat down with about twenty ducks while they had their afternoon nap. One stood and slept in a puddle, reminded me of myself on one of those ridiculous tours I go on. Oh, I met a goat up the mountain at the dam. A Billy goat. Didn’t seem to mind crossing the bridge so there obviously weren’t any trolls hiding underneath. He was a rather disagreeable old thing with a wicked sense of humour.




I don’t seem to have any bruises since my fall down the stairs last night. How did I manage that?

I took far too many photographs today, mostly for research; never know when Ill need them.

I ventured to a rather cold beach, too cold for sculptures. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Sun maybe. The clouds have finally lifted off the mountain today.





Finally I have purchased a heat gun, I’m looking forward to lots of exciting plastic projects when I get home. I picked up some cool patterned feathers as well. Struggled with my conscience over them of course, I would prefer to find them and dye them myself, not that I’m a purist; I simply don’t like the idea of them coming from poor dead birds. I bought a pack of brightly coloured straws and proceeded to spend quite some time weaving them. Strangely, I found a sack of seashells. Not at the beach. The idea that the shells come from poor dead shellfish is not that appealing either but at least I’m not supporting a market by finding something.

This evening I walked up a track towards the mountain. I got distracted by an old cottage just off the track so of course, being curious, I wandered in. Its full of old books, those amazing old kettles and a range. The wardrobe still has clothes hanging inside. A beautiful cat made an appearance outside, I so badly wanted to borrow her for the next day or two. I miss intelligent company. Will probably visit the house tomorrow and take some books for collaging.

I finished that ridiculous book today too. Ill never get that time back. The sea monster trails off into oblivion. The only good thing and the author doesn’t make use of it. Whatever happened to story telling?



Its been a hell of a funny day. Picked up my beloved collage material from that cottage, old religious leaflets with graphic illustrations of hell. I must say it looks very attractive. I did attempt to visit the art gallery and antique shop only to find it closed and probably Not Very Good. To put it politely.



It was a beautiful day and the beach was calling. I did start a half-hearted stone sculpture, it might have become something if I hadn’t spotted a baby seal. I waded through a rock pool in my boots to get some good photographs of him. He was awkwardly flipping over rocks to get away. Maybe my hair scared him.



There was a great, yellow moon tonight. It made a rather lovely yellow path out to the edge of the sea. Or the horizon as normal people call it. I think I need sleep.





  1. A really interesting days judging by your images, coo

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