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The Oval Portrait

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Illness upset my plans for this project to become anything near amazing though I do look upon it with a kind of stray-dog fondness. It was born out of a love of Edgar Allan Poe’s tales, in particular ‘The Oval Portrait’, and old medical diagrams from Gray’s Anatomy.

Everything had it’s beginnings in print, collagraph, monoprint etc. I used fragile materials to create the prints – Poe had an intense fascination with fragile women and I tried to capture some of that fragility between the press and the paper. The ‘death masks’ show a kind of decay while remaining beautiful, something only the Victorians seemed able to achieve… perhaps something only they wished to.

If you ever have a chance I suggest you read some Victorian ghost stories, for there is nothing quite so satisfying as being terrified and fascinated at exactly the same time.

She’s in Fashion

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I have finally had a chance to start screen printing t shirts again, I have a 2009 diary full of design ideas that I have been itching to work with for a long time. I do need to restock my t shirt supply though, and buy some more screens so to fund that I have relaunched some older designs, available from today in my shop:

The Roses Kings Cassettes design is one I printed which Adam gave away with copies of his Apples & Engines record, if I remember correctly. There were only 10 printed at the time and Adam has agreed to let me print up another lot as I have had quite a lot of messages about them.

The other t shirts come from collages and prints I have been working with over the last while, ‘I shagged my way to the cover of NME’ was a hit in their office so I decided to reprint that one with larger font, apparently it’s something to be proud of. And while Drew has been off with The Bronx and Adam has been digging gardens, I sat down to make the much requested Team Ficek McConnell shirt, for everyone who asked.

I am always happy to take commissions and am also open to printing onto other fabric or t shirts if you should like to send them to me. If you have any enquiries about this idea please email me at or write to me on twitter or facebook.