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Silver Dancing And Mmmmm

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A second collaboration with collage artist Liz Cohn. So far Liz has collaborated with several artists on over 900 cards. I was delighted to have the chance to work on these four cards, my favourite being the ‘Dancer’, closely followed by ‘Silver’.

If you would like to collaborate with Liz, contact her on DeviantArt:

Or visit her website:

You can view the previous collaboration here:

Harvest Moon

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The two weeks of August and the first two of September are one of my favourite times of year. Each year I eagerly await harvest time, I think perhaps I have romantic notions of harvests of long ago with shocks, sheaves and hand cutting.

The first six images show a field that I watch grow from spring to summer and lie in wait during winter. I can’t put into words how much simple satisfaction I get from this.

It always surprises me how much the average person doesn’t know about plants, crops, trees so when I finally confirmed which crop was which, I drew myself little sketches of the ears. I’m unlikely to ever forget. I think I’ll survive perfectly fine in the wilds.

If Dreams Were Flamingos

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For the first 7 months or so of this year I surrounded myself with newspapers, magazines and scrap paper and created collages. I was travelling up and down the country a lot at the time and it was easier to transport a bag of paper than a bag of paint/brushes/canvas etc. During that time I felt if I concentrated hard enough on using scraps to create a new world, the one I was in might disappear just long enough to create some fairytale mirage. They weren’t an easy 7 months, 2011 seems intent on testing me in every way. An ‘outsider’ may perhaps be able to see a reflection of that in this work, full of tears and sharp edges.