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Decent Days & Bridges

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This is part of the outcome for an idea that came to me too late in the summer for me to really develop. That and the fact that I managed to be consistently looking death in the face…in layman’s terms, I had the flu and viruses rather a lot.

The illustrations featured are those I did at and after TAKE IT TO THE BRIDGE festival, Corbet Lough.

TITTB is fortunate to be set in the most beautiful location, a lake full of swans, fish and a playground directly across the road. The weather was as perfect as Ireland could possibly expect, the organisers were the perfect hosts and the RSPB were on site to make sure that magpies like me had the perfect day. I did stumble upon a magpie feather, curiously enough, which is printed into one of the illustrations above, as are my efforts at daisy chains.

This project was never to turn me into a music critic but I did enjoy most of the acts and occasionally wondered at the singer of The Complete Stone Roses likeness to Ian Brown. Plastic Surgery?

Futureheads were wonderful, they have more energy than I could hope to have in a lifetime, included above is their setlist.

I am currently downing oranges to prepare for doing this project ‘properly’ next summer. Someone convinced me that oranges would save me from myself. See you at the other end.