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Episodes, fevers and a mirror or two

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“Little Episodes is an organisation started by professional writers, editors, artists, musicians and actors aiming to use the arts as a platform to raise awareness for people who suffer from depression, addiction or mental illness.”

You can visit and join Little Episodes at the above link and if it takes your fancy add me to your list of acquaintances there.

Cut Along the Dotted Lines (the collage above), features in the first publication by Little Episodes. It is a collection of artwork, poetry and much more. Also included is work from Sadie Frost and Clint Catalyst and it can be purchased here:

A poster from Kristian Marr’s February ‘tour’ of Paris:

A recent illustration for The 405, and interview with promoter God Don’t Like It.

And of course you can now pre-order Adam Ficek’s (Roses, Kings, Castles) latest single from his website and view my ‘collaged parts of screen prints’ which ended up as the artwork.

So you see, sometimes I get things done, in between my suffering with fevers, some of which have been unidentified or so I’m told. During the course of these I discovered I could move light with my eyes, unfortunately I seem to have now lost this new and much loved talent and have had to return to my paints and papers.