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No kisses, just some books and the odd cigarette…

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I wonder if my traipsing round gigs has resulted in my confinement with the flu for the past week. We had much fun, it was just like the good old, bad old days, when we were young and innocent and had half a wit between us. Adam’s RKC sets sounded fantastic, I haven’t too many photos of his antics because I had to rush in from slave-driving on his behalf every night. I really enjoyed Alan Wass, thanks to Loz who I’m sure ‘made it happen’ with magic.

I have no idea what sort of a reception the dancers get; do people love or hate that idea? The light and movement fascinated me and you shall surely see some prints along these lines soon. Peter was wonderful actually; Hooligans on E and Love Reign O’er Me had me grinning like the Cheshire Cat. I had so much fun I declined a lift with ‘Adam Fitch’ back to Dublin on the last night for his DJ set and subsequently missed getting back to Dublin on time for it at all. Poor Adam Fitch.

As some people may know, I have been working on the artwork for Adam’s next single/album. Above I’ve posted the piece that’s going inside the album cover, I do believe. I’m going to print up some sort of backdrop for Adam too, I had this idea while we were watching Peter’s set in Dublin and it took quite a bit of shouting ‘backdrop’ over the sounds of Arcady into his ear, deafness in old age eh? I feel some RKCassettes shirts in black coming on, if Adam agrees, and many other things when I manage to undo these puppet strings.

I’m currently working on some pieces for group exhibitions, illustration work and personal commissions. At times I feel like I’m expected to be a constant and bottomless pit of creativity, if I ‘burn out’ by the age of 30 I blame everyone mentioned in this blog.

Much Love xo

Great Expectations

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I am struck by a constant need to explain, or even justify myself.

Catch me…if you can

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I took these photos this time last year on an early morning adventure. If I could dress in frozen cobwebs I would.

Happy New Year all. I’m plotting a cyclone and then I shall be ready to take flight

This magpie’s plan for twentyten is to have a nest full of treasure and a hat with a feather, I promise you. I have been swimming, somewhat happily, in commissions for the past six months but I am starting to feel a bit like I live in a cage, even if it is a well furnished one. This year will be a potful of adventures – even if I have to make them myself.