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Snowflakes, Cake and Christmas

In Uncategorized on December 31, 2011 at 08:07

I seem to have been caught up in painting lips and sweets over the last few weeks, probably because I’m surrounded by them as it’s Christmas. This painting was featured in a post about Christmas recipes by The Young Creatives: 

They feature work by artists up to the age of 25 so the first thing I might do in 2012 is fill in the questions I was sent for that, I only qualify for their blog until July and then I’m officially an old creative. This fills me with dread.

I really want a teapot like this but I would probably eat it.

@aisforanika sent out a call for anyone who was making Christmas snowflakes so she could make it snow on her blog. I was up for that because the lack of real snow is depressing. Even more so because weather forecasters are even bigger liars than politicians. I made far too many of these but the fumes from the gold spray paint cured a chest infection I was starting, probably. I think I’ve discovered a new cure that can’t be any more dangerous than prescription drugs. If anyone wants a snowflake in their life I do have rather alot to share… You can read Anika’s blog post here: