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Exhibition: Ennistymon Courthouse Gallery ‘Trasna III’

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Back in November I submitted three pieces to Ennistymon Courthouse Gallery’s ‘Trasna III’ exhibition. The exhibition featured both Irish and international artists and ran from December to early January. There were more than 400 works featured, you can see some of these on the gallery blog here:

My swan sold, which of course I am delighted about, but I can’t say I don’t miss him.

…That the Children May Learn

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At the end of April @JustinCapps asked me to do some illustrations for his doctoral thesis. As well as being one of my favourite tweeters Justin is also incredibly talented and I was honoured to be asked. The illustrations above featured in the different sections of …That the Children May Learn.

Justin asked me to produce pieces which were ‘stylistically naïve with elements of the dark side’ – an ideal recipe for me to work with.

‘…That the Children May Learn is an interdisciplinary project intended to bring people from different fields and interests together to discuss issues pertinent to the subject of children and war in an open and apolitical setting.’

Visit for more information, talks, music and programme.

JazzCakes100: Postcards, Impossible Wish No. 1

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Over the last few months I completed a postcard piece for another JazzCakes100. The exhibition has just finished showing at the Liverpool Royal Standard Gallery (7th – 14th May) and is to be shown again at the Milkwood Gallery in Cardiff from the 2nd – 25th of June, I hope to be able to make it to that one!

Statement from Jazzcakes:

The JazzCakes100:Postcards project is one of a series of projects organised and curated by JazzCakes with the aim of bringing fine artists, designers, photographers, writers, any practitioners within the arts together to create a diverse collection of works with a common theme. Each participant has created a piece of work based upon a given number between 1 and 100. The ‘postcard’ acts as a vessel for thoughts and images based around the idea of communication, community and networks.

My number for this series was 1.

Artist’s Statement: 

Impossible Wish No. 1

This piece began when I unearthed a pile of vintage postcards at an antique market. The lone figure in this one intrigued me and I decided to write her a letter. The letter is printed on acetate which is framed by a mirror-like shape, a realisation that I am really writing to a former self.

If I was granted one wish it would be to time travel, searching for a century where I might feel a little less lost than I do in this one.


Acetate, letraset, paper, postcard 

Text  reads:

‘I am lost here, shall we meet our impossible wishes wandering through seconds, hours, years? Wish I was there.’