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Free Art Friday – R Space Gallery

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Free Art Friday is taking place at R Space Gallery, Lisburn, Northern Ireland, today and the piece directly above is one I submitted which will hopefully be going to a nice new home if the postal service carried it there on time. Having not been well for the past month I thought it was time for some positive thinking (with an upside down option for the negatives of course) in the form of splashing about with paint.

These half full/empty designs began with tags and the playing card which I posted to tumblr and has since gained over 100, 000 notes there. I often send the smaller tags in parcels of mail art and Jessica Gowling of Nature’s My Friend has found a wonderful way of distributing these, check out her blog here:

Nature Through Art Exhibition – Castle Espie

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Puffin Along _ Sarah Hutchinson Burke2

Gone Fishing _ Sarah Hutchinson Burke2

The two pieces above, Gone Fishing and Puffin Along are currently in exhibition at Castle Espie. The exhibition opened last Saturday 16th March and runs until the 28th of April.

Castle Espie is part of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust founded in the UK in 1946. It’s located on the Co. Down coast in Northern Ireland, an area I know and love. The shores of Strangford Lough attract many wild birds and animals; they have over 100 exotic and native species of water-birds.

I read somewhere recently that a lot of people will never see a live kingfisher during their lifetime. So far I think I am among that number so it is now on my lengthy ‘to-do’ list.

You can visit the Castle Espie website for more information:

Exhibition details:

Exhibition: Ennistymon Courthouse Gallery ‘Trasna III’

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Back in November I submitted three pieces to Ennistymon Courthouse Gallery’s ‘Trasna III’ exhibition. The exhibition featured both Irish and international artists and ran from December to early January. There were more than 400 works featured, you can see some of these on the gallery blog here:

My swan sold, which of course I am delighted about, but I can’t say I don’t miss him.

7 Inches of Secrets

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I’m pre-scribbling this blog with lipstick because of a lack of modern technology. It’s been some time since I was regularly updating the blog thanks to real life and its unfortunate habit of getting in the way.

Early this year I heard about @Secret7s – a wonderful idea which offered artists and musicians the chance to collaborate to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Artists could design a cover for a selected song from one of seven bands – the only rule was to use no band names/song titles, leaving the cover a mystery.

700 covers were then printed and went on sale between the 18th and 22ndof April at Idea Generation Gallery in Shoreditch. The event was a great success – visit the website to see more of that:

Above are three covers I designed for DJ Shadow, CSS and Ben Howard, no longer a secret of course and happy in their new homes I hope.

Mixtapes & Gramophones

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Last October I saw Peter @ArtfulNoiseUK appeal on twitter for someone who would be willing to do some artwork for a mixtape he had put together. At the time I was stressed out thinking about an upcoming exhibition and all I wanted was an excuse to do a watercolour of a gramophone, so I did exactly that and sent it over to him. Peter liked it so much that he commissioned me to do a large version for his home – thumbnail close ups shown above. It took me forever and a day to complete, tiny lines and dots but it was a welcome distraction from all the other works of art I was struggling with. Many thanks to Peter for his patience, a virtue you need when you have any contact with me.

Visit Artful Noise here:

In Grey Skies

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Some recent paintings from the landscape in my dreams. I always dream in colour.

The above have evolved from paintings I’ve been doing over the last year, some are small, splashy wonders but adding all the elements together and coming up with these allowed me to indulge in all my fantasies and have momentary escape from the outside world as I did so.

Let Them Eat Cake

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Over the last few months I have been painting cakes for my friends and enemies on their birthdays. My painted cakes are a lot better and possibly less poisonous than those I bake. I’m thinking of turning these into a huge series, I like the fact that they are never in my possession for long and there are few things more pleasurable than painting cake.

Painkillers, uppers and being down

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Almost three weeks ago I came down with what I thought was going to be one of those summer flu bugs, the ones that seem even worse in the heat and I prepared myself for a few days of whining about it. After four days of feeling like shit I decided a trip to the doctor was needed, huge red and white pills and a worry of meningitis. Luckily I didn’t have that. I only believe in medicine when it suits me and in spite of taking the pills I ended up in bed for the next seven days. I don’t remember ever being that sick in my life and I still can’t see much of the funny side of it, it’s captured my sense of humour. Perhaps because I rarely even take a painkiller I reacted badly to all of the medication, I had panic attacks that still leave me cold when I think about them.

I can walk in a straight line and my legs have stopped shaking at the knees, I’m searching for my sense of humour in all of the blue boxes. 

I gave the ‘vomit’ illustration to my sister for her attempt to make me better by allowing me to eat cornflakes and salmon together. The rest I might sell to anyone who wants to be reminded of my misfortune.

(I should probably add that the title of this post comes from the lyrics of ‘The Art of the High Five’ by The All New Adventures of Us.)

Chewing Gums

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I’ve recently started to paint with watercolours again, I have allowed far too much of my time to run about elsewhere when I think it really suits watercolours. I’m currently working on a large installation of paintings similar to these for one of the high street clothing stores so we shall see if magic happens.

Also a much needed update to my portfolio happened, imagery, the text stays the same because writing about yourself is just too ridiculous:

Tired of England…

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Ive spent the last few months in and out of London. A bit like a Frisbee. Or a boomerang. Im actually bothering to write this with an inky pen first (Im vain about my handwriting) and its beginning to stain my fingers.

Ive collected together some of the photos Ive taken in London since winter, although the winter ones themselves may be scarce. I don’t take my hands out of my pockets much in winter. Locations include St. Pauls Cathedral, Muswell Hill, Alexandra Palace, Queens Wood and Mick Jones chest of drawers.

My stints in London are always plagued by mysterious lights and ghostly happenings. My friends may agree that at these times I was heavily under the influence, not true. There is one particular light; we like to call it an orb or a fairy, that floats around the room at night. We’ve checked every possible source for this light but can find no reasonable and scientific explanation for it. Which suits me right down to the ground, I don’t believe in science anyway. We tried but failed to record it on camera.

And then there are the woods. Not as scary as some would have you believe. But reasonably scary.

What is it about the Holloway Road? I have a painting in my head for one particular scene I saw there, a mixture of traffic lights, and the vivid blue of the emergency services, funny it’s such a pretty blue. There always seems to be some mishap on the road, Nambucca? I was there. Not my fault may I add.

Morrissey. Not a fan really. I watched him being carried around Muswell Hill. By the end of the night he did look slightly the worse for wear but apparently once he made it back to New X he somewhat revived. New X has the effect on you.