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Four: Exhibition, The Printing House, Trinity College

In Uncategorized on May 19, 2011 at 21:52

Above is a piece inspired by regular train journeys that I make. Eventually I decided I would make an artist’s book, and I came up with the idea of using everything I had from the journey, beginning with the ticket, sections of newspapers I find and read on the train and anything I buy to eat/drink. The idea was that these would tell the story of my journey, the book pages shown above begin with the ticket, then the date of the day cut from the paper, I felt claustrophobic that particular day so I cut ‘Free me’ from the paper, and so on.

It was from there that I decided to make a piece that the books could sit it, a ‘You Are Here’ or information map stand, which is shown in the top photograph and in close up sections at the bottom. The dots map the shape of the railway line; each point that is built up with collage is a significant station on my journey and also refers to one of the books which sit in the bottom front of the structure. When someone takes out a book, a light comes on at the area of the map it refers to.

The idea reflected the parallels between the visual layers reflected in the windows and layers of found material often considered to be waste, which together form a story.

This piece will be exhibited along with pieces by Ivana Lavelle, Sinead Harris and Claire Burke, in The Printing House, Trinity College , Dublin1.

Preview is on the 26th of May from 6pm – 10pm and the show continues on the 27th and 28th,10am – 6pm.