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Free Art Friday – R Space Gallery

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Free Art Friday is taking place at R Space Gallery, Lisburn, Northern Ireland, today and the piece directly above is one I submitted which will hopefully be going to a nice new home if the postal service carried it there on time. Having not been well for the past month I thought it was time for some positive thinking (with an upside down option for the negatives of course) in the form of splashing about with paint.

These half full/empty designs began with tags and the playing card which I posted to tumblr and has since gained over 100, 000 notes there. I often send the smaller tags in parcels of mail art and Jessica Gowling of Nature’s My Friend has found a wonderful way of distributing these, check out her blog here:

Nature Through Art Exhibition – Castle Espie

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Puffin Along _ Sarah Hutchinson Burke2

Gone Fishing _ Sarah Hutchinson Burke2

The two pieces above, Gone Fishing and Puffin Along are currently in exhibition at Castle Espie. The exhibition opened last Saturday 16th March and runs until the 28th of April.

Castle Espie is part of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust founded in the UK in 1946. It’s located on the Co. Down coast in Northern Ireland, an area I know and love. The shores of Strangford Lough attract many wild birds and animals; they have over 100 exotic and native species of water-birds.

I read somewhere recently that a lot of people will never see a live kingfisher during their lifetime. So far I think I am among that number so it is now on my lengthy ‘to-do’ list.

You can visit the Castle Espie website for more information:

Exhibition details:

Exhibition: Ennistymon Courthouse Gallery ‘Trasna III’

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Back in November I submitted three pieces to Ennistymon Courthouse Gallery’s ‘Trasna III’ exhibition. The exhibition featured both Irish and international artists and ran from December to early January. There were more than 400 works featured, you can see some of these on the gallery blog here:

My swan sold, which of course I am delighted about, but I can’t say I don’t miss him.

7 Inches of Secrets

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I’m pre-scribbling this blog with lipstick because of a lack of modern technology. It’s been some time since I was regularly updating the blog thanks to real life and its unfortunate habit of getting in the way.

Early this year I heard about @Secret7s – a wonderful idea which offered artists and musicians the chance to collaborate to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Artists could design a cover for a selected song from one of seven bands – the only rule was to use no band names/song titles, leaving the cover a mystery.

700 covers were then printed and went on sale between the 18th and 22ndof April at Idea Generation Gallery in Shoreditch. The event was a great success – visit the website to see more of that:

Above are three covers I designed for DJ Shadow, CSS and Ben Howard, no longer a secret of course and happy in their new homes I hope.

Playing With a Full Deck – First Exhibition

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The first exhibition of ‘Playing with a Full Deck’ happened a few weeks back at Cannon Beach. The project was started by collage artist Liz Cohn and I was lucky enough to get involved, it featured 1324 cards, by Liz who has collaborated on them with 172 artists from all over the world.

You can find photos from the first exhibition here:

It’s exciting to be a part of this and watch the cards grow, there are now almost 1400 and the next exhibition will open in April.

More information about the project on Liz Cohn’s website:

Above are some cards I have worked on recently and will be sending to Liz for April’s exhibition in Portland, Oregon.

Chewing Gums

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I’ve recently started to paint with watercolours again, I have allowed far too much of my time to run about elsewhere when I think it really suits watercolours. I’m currently working on a large installation of paintings similar to these for one of the high street clothing stores so we shall see if magic happens.

Also a much needed update to my portfolio happened, imagery, the text stays the same because writing about yourself is just too ridiculous:

Four: Exhibition, The Printing House, Trinity College

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Above is a piece inspired by regular train journeys that I make. Eventually I decided I would make an artist’s book, and I came up with the idea of using everything I had from the journey, beginning with the ticket, sections of newspapers I find and read on the train and anything I buy to eat/drink. The idea was that these would tell the story of my journey, the book pages shown above begin with the ticket, then the date of the day cut from the paper, I felt claustrophobic that particular day so I cut ‘Free me’ from the paper, and so on.

It was from there that I decided to make a piece that the books could sit it, a ‘You Are Here’ or information map stand, which is shown in the top photograph and in close up sections at the bottom. The dots map the shape of the railway line; each point that is built up with collage is a significant station on my journey and also refers to one of the books which sit in the bottom front of the structure. When someone takes out a book, a light comes on at the area of the map it refers to.

The idea reflected the parallels between the visual layers reflected in the windows and layers of found material often considered to be waste, which together form a story.

This piece will be exhibited along with pieces by Ivana Lavelle, Sinead Harris and Claire Burke, in The Printing House, Trinity College , Dublin1.

Preview is on the 26th of May from 6pm – 10pm and the show continues on the 27th and 28th,10am – 6pm.

JazzCakes100: Postcards, Impossible Wish No. 1

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Over the last few months I completed a postcard piece for another JazzCakes100. The exhibition has just finished showing at the Liverpool Royal Standard Gallery (7th – 14th May) and is to be shown again at the Milkwood Gallery in Cardiff from the 2nd – 25th of June, I hope to be able to make it to that one!

Statement from Jazzcakes:

The JazzCakes100:Postcards project is one of a series of projects organised and curated by JazzCakes with the aim of bringing fine artists, designers, photographers, writers, any practitioners within the arts together to create a diverse collection of works with a common theme. Each participant has created a piece of work based upon a given number between 1 and 100. The ‘postcard’ acts as a vessel for thoughts and images based around the idea of communication, community and networks.

My number for this series was 1.

Artist’s Statement: 

Impossible Wish No. 1

This piece began when I unearthed a pile of vintage postcards at an antique market. The lone figure in this one intrigued me and I decided to write her a letter. The letter is printed on acetate which is framed by a mirror-like shape, a realisation that I am really writing to a former self.

If I was granted one wish it would be to time travel, searching for a century where I might feel a little less lost than I do in this one.


Acetate, letraset, paper, postcard 

Text  reads:

‘I am lost here, shall we meet our impossible wishes wandering through seconds, hours, years? Wish I was there.’

‘Girls & Boys’ – Yeah Magazine Exhibition

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My illustration from Yeah Magazine’s ‘Girls & Boys’ issue will be featured in their exhibition to launch the next issue. The exhibition is made up of three themed rooms, the first being a timeline of Yeah’s achievements so far, the second their favourite prints from the last six issues and the third will celebrate the launch of their new issue, YM007 ‘The Scene’.

The exhibition takes place in Portsmouth, opening on the 16th of August and running until the 20th. Check out the facebook event for venue details:

JazzCakes100: T Shirts Exhibition

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My work is to feature in the Jazzcakes 100 exhibition in Cardiff, “JazzCakes100:T-shirts project is the first in a series of projects envisioned by JazzCakes to illuminate each facet of the arts arena.” The show will run on the 10th and 11th of April and will also feature work from artists resident at Studio B, Cardiff. I have included photos of my piece and the initial sketches which led to it above.

My t shirt design evolved from a recent interest in the Victorian era and tea. I was given the number 90 by Jazzcakes and noticed if I separated the syllables I had the words ‘nine’ and ‘tea’. Being a lover of tea I calculated that I drink, on average, nine cups per day. I began by removing the front piece of the shirt and replacing it with a piece of white fabric which was stained by tea. During a session of playing with scissors and paper, the stencils of Victorian style patterns which I used for the shirt were created. The font I chose for ‘tea’ was inspired by the many letterpress designs I have seen and I finished up by collecting used tea bags which I emptied and sewed around the top, collar area of the shirt.

You can find out more at: