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Playing With a Full Deck – First Exhibition

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The first exhibition of ‘Playing with a Full Deck’ happened a few weeks back at Cannon Beach. The project was started by collage artist Liz Cohn and I was lucky enough to get involved, it featured 1324 cards, by Liz who has collaborated on them with 172 artists from all over the world.

You can find photos from the first exhibition here:

It’s exciting to be a part of this and watch the cards grow, there are now almost 1400 and the next exhibition will open in April.

More information about the project on Liz Cohn’s website:

Above are some cards I have worked on recently and will be sending to Liz for April’s exhibition in Portland, Oregon.

Love Pop Secret & Tall Tales

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Some red, black and white from the summer months. During early June/July I did alot of work in collage. I stumbled upon some old comic books in the attic and the typography was both hilarious and wonderful. I love a collage with a sense of humour.

These include comic books, fashion magazines and some monoprints. I hope to use these as inspiration for a series of oil paintings.

In The Clubs – Artist Trading Cards

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A second lot of playing card collages up for swaps. The clubs follow on from the hearts which have long since gone:

Each card measures 8.5cm x 12.3cm, slightly larger than the average playing card. As always I will swap these for absolutely anything, including art. Things I’m currently collecting include Irish cigarette packets (empty ones), shoulder pads and silica gel, buttons and anything shiny. Ridiculous yes, but you would be surprised what I can make from those. If there is anything in particular that you think I need in my life let me know and we’ll swap.

Silver Dancing And Mmmmm

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A second collaboration with collage artist Liz Cohn. So far Liz has collaborated with several artists on over 900 cards. I was delighted to have the chance to work on these four cards, my favourite being the ‘Dancer’, closely followed by ‘Silver’.

If you would like to collaborate with Liz, contact her on DeviantArt:

Or visit her website:

You can view the previous collaboration here:

If Dreams Were Flamingos

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For the first 7 months or so of this year I surrounded myself with newspapers, magazines and scrap paper and created collages. I was travelling up and down the country a lot at the time and it was easier to transport a bag of paper than a bag of paint/brushes/canvas etc. During that time I felt if I concentrated hard enough on using scraps to create a new world, the one I was in might disappear just long enough to create some fairytale mirage. They weren’t an easy 7 months, 2011 seems intent on testing me in every way. An ‘outsider’ may perhaps be able to see a reflection of that in this work, full of tears and sharp edges.

Tricks With Scissors

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I can make a disaster from a molehill with a pair of scissors. I make collages because I love puzzles without clues. If I lived in the real world I would probably take up detecting.

These are the results of the past few months of puzzling.

Heart Exchange Is No Robbery: Art Swap

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A while back collage artist, Liz Cohn, contacted me about collaborating on some of her playing cards. I was familiar with her work from DeviantArt and was delighted to accept. Only a week before that I had bought a pack of playing cards, slightly larger than the usual size, which I had intended to use as Christmas cards, alas my never-ending list of ‘things to do’ put paid to that idea and it wasn’t until January that I began to cut, paste and collage onto the cards.

When you first begin painting/collaging the challenge is always to be able to fill a piece of a large size, huge sheets of paper intimidate the best of us, however once you have overcome that, the ability to work on something as small as a gem can be another wall to climb. It is a wall that once climbed, gives a very pleasing view from the top.

The first three cards shown above are those from my collaboration with Liz, you can view her inspiring work here:

As I’ve just completed my first set of hearts (shown above) I have decided I will exchange my hearts for your ANYTHING. Normally in these situations art is exchanged for art but I know that there are those who read my blog who don’t consider themselves to be ‘arty’ (I bet you are really). So if you would like one of these cards please email/tweet/facebook me with your address ( and I in turn will send you mine.

You can send me art should you wish but I will accept anything, from the piece of paper you found stuck to your shoe to your medieval castle with fully equipped ghost. I am the sort of person who finds the most mundane object interesting, so worry not and we shall get swapping.

Four: Exhibition, The Printing House, Trinity College

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Above is a piece inspired by regular train journeys that I make. Eventually I decided I would make an artist’s book, and I came up with the idea of using everything I had from the journey, beginning with the ticket, sections of newspapers I find and read on the train and anything I buy to eat/drink. The idea was that these would tell the story of my journey, the book pages shown above begin with the ticket, then the date of the day cut from the paper, I felt claustrophobic that particular day so I cut ‘Free me’ from the paper, and so on.

It was from there that I decided to make a piece that the books could sit it, a ‘You Are Here’ or information map stand, which is shown in the top photograph and in close up sections at the bottom. The dots map the shape of the railway line; each point that is built up with collage is a significant station on my journey and also refers to one of the books which sit in the bottom front of the structure. When someone takes out a book, a light comes on at the area of the map it refers to.

The idea reflected the parallels between the visual layers reflected in the windows and layers of found material often considered to be waste, which together form a story.

This piece will be exhibited along with pieces by Ivana Lavelle, Sinead Harris and Claire Burke, in The Printing House, Trinity College , Dublin1.

Preview is on the 26th of May from 6pm – 10pm and the show continues on the 27th and 28th,10am – 6pm.

Gig Posters: Roses Kings Castles, Anto Dust, Lucky Clover

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Gig posters from the past few months. I don’t usually do many because I have a habit of cutting, chopping, drawing and splashing for so long that the band are soundchecking before I actually complete the poster.

Each poster is put together ‘traditionally’ except for some small text details.

Featuring Roses Kings Castles, Anto Dust and Lucky Clover.

Synaesthesia: A Strange Arrangement of Colour

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About four weeks ago I started some research into synaesthesia, in particular color-graphemic synaesthesia. Thank you to everyone who took time to message me with their colourful alphabets.

This was a perfect way for me to play with paper and colour, melting plastic, creating collages and adding anything to these that got in my way.

Speaking as someone with synaesthesia I can tell you the colour brings the letters to life, they begin to have personality and almost jump from the page, which was the impression I was trying to create. In some of the pieces there is a chance you will catch fleeting glimpses of words amongst the colour. The pieces I produced reverse the roles, so a person without synaesthesia who was suddenly given this condition without warning would be amongst colourful confusion, entangled alphabets and occasionally catch sight of a familiar word.