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Celebrating International Zine Month: Tea Zine

In Uncategorized on July 30, 2011 at 02:24

Anyone who has been reading my blog over the past year or so may remember an artist’s book I produced on the theme of tea:

Last summer I created mini versions of these, similar to the ones shown above. They were very popular but take so long to create that I didn’t make many. I decided, as July is International Zine Month, I would make some more of these for sale on Etsy when I get that started and available to pre-order here, just send an email to 

The zines are completely hand stitched, bound, cut and (finger)printed. The pink one is made using strawberry or raspberry flavoured teas. The labels are coloured using watercolour but the labels on the tea-coloured zine are tea stained, as is the string used to bind it.

Making and binding books is something I want to do more of and I am planning three other zines for August when I get my studio cleared out and my screenprinting back to normal.

Above is the view from my studio and the perfect excuse for being a recluse.

  1. Brilliant stuff, these are great. If you’re ever in NY, stop by and show them to us in person please!

  2. […] few weeks back I posted one of my tea zines to Twinings Tea. I used their mixed berries teabags to create the pink version of the […]

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