The Second Magpie

Mountains, Beaches and Hand-Made Wings

In Uncategorized on July 22, 2011 at 04:48

Over the past few weeks I’ve spent quite a lot of my time in the Mourne Mountains where my aunt owns a house and lets her adoring relations stay provided we don’t cause it to tumble around our ears.

Spending time away from phones, internet and all forms of communication apart from the odd pigeon makes life seem so perfect. I packed three bags of ‘art stuff’, including a sack of cuttings for collage, my perpetually packed suitcase, a lot of shoes and headed north.

My time spent there almost always seems to involve sunshine, the view from the back of the house shown in the first photo and upstairs, on a clear night, the moon makes a shiny pathway across the sea. I tried to walk it once.

I sketched, took photos and of course spent hours on the beach collecting anything that caught my eye, like a proper magpie. When I wasn’t doing that I walked towards the mountains collecting flowers for pressing, how very Victorian of me.

Seaside towns always seem to have the strangest things to offer, I picked up a Polaroid camera for a quid, a book called ‘Mr Middleton Suggests’ from the 1940’s which I plan to turn into an altered book and Rudolf Arnheim’s ‘Visual Perception’ for 50p. My greatest find was perhaps the box of buttons which I found in a thrift shop, now I just need to find something to embellish so they don’t end up sitting in my studio for 50 years.

I’m currently making a zine inspired by my rock finds and I hope to have it ready in the next couple of days so I can celebrate International Zine Month before July runs off into history.


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