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JazzCakes100: T Shirts Exhibition

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My work is to feature in the Jazzcakes 100 exhibition in Cardiff, “JazzCakes100:T-shirts project is the first in a series of projects envisioned by JazzCakes to illuminate each facet of the arts arena.” The show will run on the 10th and 11th of April and will also feature work from artists resident at Studio B, Cardiff. I have included photos of my piece and the initial sketches which led to it above.

My t shirt design evolved from a recent interest in the Victorian era and tea. I was given the number 90 by Jazzcakes and noticed if I separated the syllables I had the words ‘nine’ and ‘tea’. Being a lover of tea I calculated that I drink, on average, nine cups per day. I began by removing the front piece of the shirt and replacing it with a piece of white fabric which was stained by tea. During a session of playing with scissors and paper, the stencils of Victorian style patterns which I used for the shirt were created. The font I chose for ‘tea’ was inspired by the many letterpress designs I have seen and I finished up by collecting used tea bags which I emptied and sewed around the top, collar area of the shirt.

You can find out more at:


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