The Second Magpie

Once we were magic…

In Uncategorized on October 30, 2009 at 23:42



Some chine-colle work I did a few weeks ago, featuring No Red. I might be on my way to overcoming an addiction that’s been running since 2007.

I’ve promised my sister a larger version of the ‘Enter Now’ piece for her house as the sexual aspect of it amuses her…it amused me too if I’m perfectly honest. Neither of the pieces were planned, I just pulled scraps from a bag the same way a magician pulls a rabbit from a hat. So the ‘enter now’ text had come from a poster Id been doing for The 405. I do often print text and then collage it onto my work instead of doing what everyone else does and using photoshop. It comes from a love of having things in my hands and a lack of trust in technology.


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