The Second Magpie

The Queen Is Dead

In Uncategorized on August 19, 2009 at 02:23


So continuing with the collage…It’s quite nice to be able to kick back and do what I want for a couple of days. I’ve worked so very hard for a month or two now, I feel drained. Anyway, this came about because of an envelope I found on my floor….(where else would it be?). It had three British postage stamps on it I think. I steamed them off and began wondering what I could do with them. I cant remember why ‘target practice’ came into my head. I don’t normally think murderous thoughts about the Queen. In fact I wouldn’t mind being her, not if it means shooting her though. I decided the postage stamps wouldn’t work, being too angular and, quite frankly, too purple. So I gathered up my sterling change and decided on the two and one penny coins. I took rubbings with a pencil, but being H or HB it was too light, I then searched high and low for a black colouring pencil, finally found one and sorted out the problem. The outer ring of each target is collaged with scraps of paper I’ve used while printmaking, the background is half an old screen print that I had lying around. The screen was one that the emulsion washed out of in the middle, leaving only the threads I was exposing onto it at the edges. I still have no idea why that happened, though I have no doubt it’s entirely my fault for not having enough sleep that night or something. It turns out that screen has been used for much more than I would have used the intended one for, a ‘happy accident’ as we used to say. I think those words are very common amongst printmakers. I still have the stamps, Im sure they’ll feature in something I do sometime.


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