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Tired of England…

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Ive spent the last few months in and out of London. A bit like a Frisbee. Or a boomerang. Im actually bothering to write this with an inky pen first (Im vain about my handwriting) and its beginning to stain my fingers.

Ive collected together some of the photos Ive taken in London since winter, although the winter ones themselves may be scarce. I don’t take my hands out of my pockets much in winter. Locations include St. Pauls Cathedral, Muswell Hill, Alexandra Palace, Queens Wood and Mick Jones chest of drawers.

My stints in London are always plagued by mysterious lights and ghostly happenings. My friends may agree that at these times I was heavily under the influence, not true. There is one particular light; we like to call it an orb or a fairy, that floats around the room at night. We’ve checked every possible source for this light but can find no reasonable and scientific explanation for it. Which suits me right down to the ground, I don’t believe in science anyway. We tried but failed to record it on camera.

And then there are the woods. Not as scary as some would have you believe. But reasonably scary.

What is it about the Holloway Road? I have a painting in my head for one particular scene I saw there, a mixture of traffic lights, and the vivid blue of the emergency services, funny it’s such a pretty blue. There always seems to be some mishap on the road, Nambucca? I was there. Not my fault may I add.

Morrissey. Not a fan really. I watched him being carried around Muswell Hill. By the end of the night he did look slightly the worse for wear but apparently once he made it back to New X he somewhat revived. New X has the effect on you.



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