The Second Magpie


In Uncategorized on March 9, 2009 at 01:50

I have decided to write a blog. It will contain everything from the contents of my handbag to what I like most about you. Not your girlfriend and your shoes. Well maybe your shoes. And some tales of treachery, woe and sexual encounters with stars of rock ‘n’ roll. Or not.

Still, if you read it you can tell me exactly how much you love/hate/couldnt care less about my work. Note: I prefer to be constantly told how wonderful I am and am utterly self-obsessed, selfish, shellfish. If you hate me I probably already know and hate you right back. It’s so bad for you, you know.

Most of the blog I do promise to dedicate to my work, ideas, thoughts, loves, hates and generally vent when Im being expected to click my fingers and produce a masterpiece. Ill record where I get my inspiration from, places that would give horror film settings a good run for their money. Mostly. And then there might just be the odd few paintings of pretty flowers.

I might love you




Acrylic, monprint, collage



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